Happy Easter! from my handmade linen bunnies ♪ リネンのウサギさんから、ハッピーイースター♪

Just dropping by to wish you all have a Happy Easter Sunday...


... from my handmade linen bunnies!


Our neighbor brought over these yummy bunny chocolates for our girls today. But before we know it, our youngest girl ate her bunny in a blink of an eye! I have no idea where she got her "chocoholic-ness" from! lol


Enjoy your Sunday!

***Love, Amy***

Cinamoroll iPad cover for my daughter ♪長女にシナモロールの iPad カバー♪

Per request from my fourteen year old daughter, I made this iPad cover using Japanese character fabric (Cinamoroll).  I have made a couple of iPad covers in the past, and once again I followed this awesome tutorial by one shabby chic. The entire cover is machine quilted throughout, which gives a good protection against everyday use.

我が家の14才の長女のために、手持ちのシナモロール(サンリオ)の生地を使ってiPadケースを作りました。作り方はこちらのレシピを参考にしています。 →☆ このカバー、全体をミシンキルトしているのでとても丈夫な仕上がりです。

Actually, using the same Cinamoroll fabric, I have made a laptop cover for this girl before (above photo to the left).  She has been using my hubby's old laptop until now for her school work, social media, and such...


But now she took over my iPad, so she needed a new cover!


This is the cover I had been using until now to protect my iPad. I liked it, but my daughter wanted something else that better suits her taste. Talk about fabric pickiness! And I wonder where she got it from... lol

これはこれまで私が使っていた手作りの iPadカバーです。長女は一体誰に似たのか・・・生地の好き嫌いが激しいです(笑)。私がこれまで使っていた iPadカバーの柄では不服らしく、シナモンちゃん(シナモロール)の生地で作って~~と依頼されました。

Now we have two iPad covers for just one iPad...


Aside from the above two iPad covers, do you recall this iPad cover that I made for my sis earlier?  

そうそう、我が家で使用中の iPad カバー以外にも、少し前には妹から頼まれてこのハミガキ柄の iPad カバーを作ったことも思い出しましたよ。詳しくはこちらの記事に。→☆

I wasn't sure if we needed another iPad cover, but I think it all worth it as my girl seems happy with her new iPad cover...! 

 iPad カバーばかりそんなにいらないとは思いましたが、長女が新しいカバーを喜んで使っている様子をみたらまあいいか・・・という気になりました。バカ親ですね~、はい。^^;

***Love, Amy***

Zakka Pattern Overview: Pyramid Zipper Pouch and Sachet ☆ オリジナル雑貨パターンより 「三角ポーチとサシェ」

This post is part of a series to introduce my original zakka patterns in detail. Today's pattern under spotlight is Pyramid Zipper Pouch and Sachet

Because there is a limit on the number of photos and descriptions that I can post on my etsy shop listing, I'd like to provide you with more information about my individual patterns on my blog posts.


The pattern is available in my etsy shop.  It comes in a PDF format which includes step-by-step instructions with easy to follow diagrams. Once purchased, the pattern can be downloaded over and over from your account. 

If you are interested in carrying my *printed* pattern in your shop for retail purposes, they are available through Seven Islands, Inc., a major wholesaler of imported Japanese fabrics located in Torrance, CA.


または、ショップオーナーの方で販売用にプリント済みのパターンをお求めの場合は、直接 Seven Islands Inc. さん(日本からの輸入生地専門卸業者)から卸売価格で購入していただけます。

This is a compact sized pouch (4 1/2" in height), which means you only need a few scraps of fabric and a zipper to make it (4" zipper is used). The pouch is fully lined.


Back side


Upside down?


The above Pyramid pouches are made from floral print, gingham print, and linen. 


You know, I like to add small embellishments to my handmade pouches... For this pouch, I've stitched  a folded ribbon trim to the pouch front.


Here, the binding is stitched on to the pouch's front.


And a small zipper ball adds that special *zakka* touch...


Small zipper ball is hand stitched to the zipper pull.


This project makes a perfect last minute gift... 
Or you can make it for yourself and store secret candies inside like I do! lol


The pattern includes instructions to make these mini pyramid sachets using remnant fabrics and a handful of dried lavender.


Hope you have a  chance to check this out and other zakka patterns in my shop!
Enjoy your stitching moments...


***Love, Amy***

My recent fabric purchases ♪最近買った生地など♪

Sewing rows of scraps...

Lately, I've been very busy designing my new zakka patterns to introduce to you this Spring.  I am making things every night and day, but I can't show you the images here yet (sorry...)  Check out my shop for the current selection of my original zakka patterns.




 Instead, I'd like to share with you my recent fabric purchases here. Designing new patterns gives me a wonderful excuse to buy more fabrics! lol


Japanese Kokka fabrics from Momen Plus, my favorite local store located in Torrance, CA.

写真上は日本製コッカの生地。 近所にあるお気に入りの生地屋さんMomen Plusさんにて求めました。

More beautiful fabrics from Momen Plus!

写真上も、Momen Plus さんにて購入した生地です♪

Moda April Showers fat eighths bundle by Bonnie and Camille that I got from this Etsy store located in California.  I especially love the umbrella fabric in the center!

お次は Bonnie and Camille さんというアメリカの人気キルト作家兼ファブリックデザイナーである母子コンビの最新コレクション April Showers からカットクロスのセットです。このオンラインショップにて購入しましたよ。中央の傘の生地がお気に入りです♪

And look at these beautiful feedsack fabrics I snatched from this Etsy shop! The kind shop owner carries precious fabrics and notions that I had such hard time narrowing down my selection...


Wishing you all have a stitchy kind of week♪♪  See you again soon!


***Love, Amy***

Donating My Handmade Zakka for a Good Cause ♪手作り雑貨を寄贈しました♪

Rafu Shimpo, Japanese-English daily newspaper based in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, California, is hosting a charity golf tournament on April 7, 2014, to raise money for Nikkei (Japanese American)  community, including the Little Tokyo Public Safety Association, Nisei Week Japanese Festival, Nikkei Games: Games for the Generations, and more.


Front page of Rafu Shimpo today. 

Rafu Shimpo began its publication in 1903. During the World War II, the paper stopped its service for several years due to the Japanese American internment by the U.S. government. The paper resumed business after the war and the publication still continues today.


 I don't play golf, nor I can't make a huge monetary donation toward the upcoming fundraiser, yet I am very honored to be able to donate my autographed books and my handmade zakka items toward this great cause. I donated everything what you see in the above pic :)  

My donations will most likely be used for the silent auction, raffle, or tournament prizes during the event, according to the friendly staff of Rafu Shimpo.  



***Love, Amy***

What you've made from my book 2 (Crochet Doily and Linen Pouch) ♪読者の皆さんが作った雑貨をご紹介2(かぎ針編みのドイリーポーチ)

Hello everyone!

 Today I'd like to show you some of the gorgeous Crochet Doily and Linen pouches that you've made from my book, Zakka Handmades. This pouch is definitely one of my favorite projects featured in the book and I hope they are for you, too!  

Above collage: clockwise from top left  

皆さんこんにちは!今日は私の著書から読者の皆さんが実際に作って下さった「かぎ針編みのドイリーポーチ」をご紹介します♪ この作品は私のお気に入りのひとつです。上の写真:左上から時計まわりで製作者の方々はこちら↑↑

And more charming creations follow...


Simple beauty stitched by Svetlana of S.O.T.A.K handmade. Love the flower button!

とてもシンプルなポーチに仕上がっているのはSvetlana さんの作品です。花柄ボタンがポイントですね。

Sweet pastel color trio made by Ms. Cyndi Dube. Cuteness overload!

こちらはパステルカラーの色使いで3点も作って下さった Cyndi Dubeさん。可愛い!

golfingbev created these pretty pouches. Look at those sweet tiny buttons...Awww!


Stefanie Girard of Craftside created this lovely sunglasses pouch from recycled felted sweater.  What an eco-friendly awesomeness!

Stefanie Girardさんは何と古着のセーターをフェルト化した素材でサングラスケースを作って下さいました。エコを意識した素晴らしいアイデアですね^^

To make this pouch, the doily flap is crocheted in round like this.  Check out my earlier post about the tips on crochet tension and the gauge to stitch this cotton doily.


Oh and don't forget to check out this post for your "Kotori bird pouches" made from my book, if you haven't yet!


Kotori bird pouches

Check out my Pinterest board - Zakka Handmades: my book for more projects made from my book, and...

If you're on Flickr, don't forget to post your handmade zakka projects from my book to: Zakka Handmades - the book flickr group!

Or post your zakka creations on Instagram using hashtag #zakkahandmades! You can find me as @chickchicksewing on IG.

ピンタレスト Zakka Handmades: My book→☆では著書より、今回ご紹介できなかった他作品もご覧になれます。

写真投稿サイトのFlickr→☆ に参加している方はZakka Handmadesグループにどんどん作品をアップしてくださいね。

インスタグラムを利用されている方は、ハッシュタグ#zakkahandmades で出来上がった作品を投稿してくださいね。私のアカウントは@chickchicksewingです♪

***Love, Amy***

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Handmade Gift Set of Side Pleated Patchwork Pencil Case and a Felt Cupcake Name Tag ♪フェルトのカップケーキと、パッチワークのペンケース♪

Hello everyone!

Today I'd like to share with you this handmade gift set I made for the sweetest girl who turned twelve recently. She is the daughter of our family friend. (Edited to Add: I was reminded by my daughter that the girl turned eleven and not twelve...oops!)


This cupcake name tag is made of 100% felt that I got from this online shop. I love working with 100% felt!  Hand stitched on the front side is the recipient's name...

まずはフェルトでカップケーキをちくちく。お嬢さんのお名前を表側に刺しゅうしてマスコット?名札?に仕立ててみました。 今回、フェルトはアクリル製ではなく、ウール100%フェルトを使ってみましたが、やはりウールは肌触りも使い勝手もよく、感動!ウール100%のフェルトはこちらのオンラインショップにて購入しました。→☆

For the back side, I added the "topping" with colorful rhinestones...


This patchwork slim pencil case is made from my original pattern. I selected colorful scraps to stitch this one, and added a flower button for the zipper pull.


You can find this pattern in my shop.


Actually the gift was two months late (sorry!)... But I hope the birthday girl liked my gift set!


***Love, Amy***

Simple crocheted corsage for the graduation ceremony ♪次女の卒業式用に簡単コサージュを作りました♪

This week, I made myself this simple crocheted corsage to wear at my youngest daughter's Saturday Japanese school graduation ceremony. Ceremony is scheduled early tomorrow morning.


The Saturday language school (elementary school) is held only once a week and it's not our daughter's regular "full time" school, but the graduation ceremony is still a big day for our entire family. Getting up early and sending our kids to language school every Saturday morning for the past six years was quite a challenge for all of us! (Not to mention the heavy homework load  that we had to tackle every Friday nights...)


Anyways let me quickly show you some images of this simple corsage making process...


I did not follow any pattern to make this one. I played around with the yarn a bit using only the simple stitches of chains, single crochets, double crochets, and trebles to make this one.

このかぎ針編みのコサージュ、鎖編みと細編み、長編みと長々編みを組み合わせて適当に作りました^^; 長く編んだものをくるくると編みとめて、こんなふうにお花にしました。

Hoping that tomorrow will be a happy day for all of us... Enjoy your weekend!


***Love, Amy***


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