Patchwork Log Cabin Dome Pouch ☆ パッチワークログキャビンで五つ星バッグ ☆

In Japan, we are in the midst of "Golden Week" or one of the longest holiday period for workers and students.  Trains, airports, amusement parks, shopping malls, and everywhere else gets very crowded during this period in Japan.

日本の皆さまにとってはゴールデンウイークですね。 アメリカで長年暮らしていた頃にはゴールデンウイークとは無縁だったので、日本のこの連休にはまだまだ馴染みが薄い私です。

While many people travel during this period, I've been staying home, doing what I enjoy the most... sewing! Yay! Well I'm still cooking, cleaning, washing, and doing all sorts of daily chores for my family, but still it's nice to have more time to myself.


Using this scrappy log cabin block that I pieced a while ago...


I made this dome pouch/bag.


To make this pouch/bag, I followed my original pattern: Stella Dome Pouch. But this time I replaced the friendship stars with scrappy log cabins.


Reverse side. I love this floral print from Kokka Irome collection!


 I like to listen to the radio while I sew. And I often lose track of time when I'm sewing! 


I made a pot full of fresh salsa today. Tomorrow my youngest brother's family is coming over and guess what we'll have for lunch together? Tacos, of course! 

Hope you're all enjoying the beautiful month of May.  Talk to you soon❣



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Trip to the Craft Fair at Japanese Temple and Nippori Textile District

Kumamon, a popular mascot created by the government of Kumamoto prefecture. 

First of all, my heart goes to the people affected by the recent major earthquakes that struck the Kumamoto area of Japan. More than 800 aftershocks occurred in the area over the past ten days since April 14, 2016, and the aftershocks are still continuing.  It's hard to imagine the devastation, stress, and sense of loss and despair the people in the area are going through right now.


Image from youtube

Here are some ways we can help: 

In Japanese yen only: Monetary donation can be made directly to Kumamoto prefecture

In U.S. Dollars: Global Giving has set up Kumamoto earthquake relief fund →★ You can also donate for Equador earthquake from the same site. 
米ドルでの義援金は Global Givingからネットで行えます。エクアドルで起きた震災への義援金も同時に受付けています。→★ 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Yesterday I visited Terademarche, or an unique craft fair held at a temple in Ueno, Tokyo. 


Inside the temple all shop booths are set up on tatami mats. 


Happy artists who sell Handmade cats and kittens' items only at this booth. Mew!


At the cat handmade shop, I bought this cute kitten zipper pouch for my younger sis who is a cat fanatic ^^


Then I got these charming and decorative cards made by the gracious artist, mzou. Had so much fun chatting with her at the booth! 

今回、mzouさんという素敵な作家さんとお知り合いになれました。mzouさんとは共通点も多くお話も弾み楽しかった❣ 色とりどりの小さなクレイのお花を使った美しいハンドメイドカードを制作しておられます。

Elegantly hand crocheted doily handmade by artist mzou's mother. Breathtaking!


Got these te-nu-gui, or Japanese lightweight cotton hand towels in fun designs.


Crocheted dish scrubbie. Love the colors! 


Hand embroidered hair accessory. According to the shop owner, the hand embroidery were stitched in Afghanistan by the mothers of young children.


I just couldn't resist but to get this meticulously crocheted necklace. Very lightweight and comfortable to wear, too. 


So this is all I got at the craft fair. Definitely went over my budget... but had a blast!

というわけで手作り市での収穫です。予算オーバーでしたが(^^;) 作り手の方々とお話できたのが何より楽しかった♥

Off the topic but this flyer shown above caught my attention. According to the flyer, temples in the Tokyo area are organizing matchmaking events for young people. So far there are 5,300 members in the organization with ninety couples getting married! 


Near city of Ueno is the Nippori Fabric town (Nippori Textile town). Nippori is only two train stations away from Ueno. Of course I had to stop by for fabric shopping afterwards!


Outside Nippori station


Walking straight down the street I head off to the famous discount fabric store called Tomato.


1 meter =100 yen (or 90 cents in U.S. dollars) fabric section near the entrance area. It was a Saturday afternoon so the store was packed with people.


There are fabric, fabric, and more fabrics in the store. The store is five stories high.


I had hard time narrowing down to these!!


Besides the "Tomato" store, I like to stop by at another disount fabric store called Zak Zak. The entire fabrics in this store are 1 meter = 100 yen (or 90 cents in U.S. dollars).  You know how frugal I am by now right? Ha ha!

繊維街にはたくさんのお店がありますが、トマトさんのほかにも私が必ず覗くのは ZakZak さんという生地の激安店です。店内の生地はすべて1メートル100円なのです。

I bought 3 meters of these gray polyester fabrics at Zak Zak. Planning to make a dress for myself soon. 


Recently I stitched up this skirt using 100 yen fabrics I got from Nippori Textile town a while ago. The pattern is from Japanese craft magazine.


Can you tell that this skirt is made of super cheap fabric (100 yen/meter)? My daughter says she can obviously tell!  

At moments like these I wish I had boys and not just girls!! I think the girls are too straightforward, especially to their mom... or did they just got it from me? lol

着画です。このスカート、1メートル100円の生地を使ったからやはり安っぽさがでてるかな~と聞いてみたら、中学生の娘からはすかさず、うん、安っぽいね、と言われてしまいました。 うちの娘の歯に衣着せぬ物言いはやはり母親譲りでしょうか?!我が家は女の子二人なので、男の子がほしかったと思うのはこんな時です(苦笑)。

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Sewing Patchwork Kimono Bags (and a quick tutorial on crazy patchwork) ♡ 着物地でパッチワークバッグ作り(クレージーパッチワーク縫い方も)♡

Using kimono fabrics, I stitched up patchwork purse for my hubby's elderly aunt who is in her late eighties. She lives in a residential care home in Honolulu, Hawaii.

ハワイ在住の高齢の夫の叔母(もうすぐ90才)に着物地を使ってパッチワークのバッグを作りました。 叔母はホノルル市内の住宅型高齢者ホームで暮らしています。

Here are the Japanese kimono fabrics/scraps I used to create this project. These kimono fabrics were received from my mom and my mom-in-law over the years. 


Let me quickly show you how I stitched up the bag exterior panels using crazy quilting method. 

First cut out pentagon piece based on hard paper template (I used empty Hershey's ice cream box left on our kitchen floor to create this template. lol) Place pentagon piece slightly above the center of 10 1/2" square cotton batting. 


上の写真のようにまずは5角形の形に切ったピース(生地)を約26 cm大のキルト芯中央よりやや上の位置に配置します。(5角形の型紙はキッチンに転がっていたアイスクリームの箱を利用して切り抜きました。笑)

With right side facing down, align one strip of kimono strip onto one edge of pentagon. (I used 1 1/2 inch width strips for the first round but you can use strip of preferred width). Stitch at 1/4" seam allowance.

3.75 cm 幅のストリップ布(細長い布)と中央の5角形を中表に合わせて0.7 cm の縫い代で1辺を縫います。

Flip the strip over to the opposite side, so that the right side faces up. Press lightly.


Continue to add 1 1/2" width strips in clockwise (or counter clockwise, whichever you prefer) around the center pentagon in the same manner until all edges are covered with strips. 


Keep on adding strips to the second round. I used 2" width strips for the second round.

同様に2周目も5角形の周りにストリップ布を縫い付けていきます。2周目には 5 cm 幅のストリップ布を使いました。

For the third and fourth round, I added strips of different width (bigger pieces). Continue until the batting is completely covered with fabrics. Square up the block to 10" square.

こんなふうにキルト芯全体が生地で覆われるまで同じ作業を続けます。御覧の通り、3周目、4周目には大き目の生地を使いました。出来上がったパッチワークを25 cm大に切り揃えます。

Here's the pink/navy version.  


After finishing one zipper purse using the kimono patchwork block, I decided to make another one for the good friend of our aunty (total of two purses).


 Back side of the kimono patchwork bags.


From the moment I decided to stitch a purse gift for our aunty, cross-body purse was in my mind. I think cross-body is the most practical, safe, and convenient type of purse for the elderly woman, or for any of us! I used ready-made store-bought straps for these purses.


Side view


Inside pockets.


After making two kimono purses, one for our aunty and another for her good friend, I decided to make one more purse for another good friend of our aunty (total of three purses)! 

This purse is made for the kind Hawaiian lady who takes our aunty and her friend out for lunch on a regular basis. As you can see, I made this one bigger than the other two purses, to experiment with the size and style.


Back side of the bigger purse.


Three kimono patchwork purses finished! Phew!


Yes it was quite a work to stitch three purses in a short period of time... but I had so much fun! My only wish is that the new owners make good use of these new purses! We'll see... Mahalo! (Or thank you in Hawaiian🌸)

短い期間に3つのバッグを仕上げるのは少々大変でしたが、何よりとっても楽しい作業でした~♥ ハワイ在住の叔母とその友人たちがこのバッグを使ってくれたら嬉しいな~、と願いをこめて…。マハロ~(ハワイ語でありがとう❣)

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